to life WineBox

We broke the mold of old school bottling and instead developed this special environmentally friendly container to share our fine wines with the planet. When good people all around the world are working so very hard to save the planet, we felt obligated to do our part. Inspiration can come from anywhere. charity:water…… water is abundant, but it isn’t safe to drink. A simple BioSand Filter low–cost solution that cleans water saves and changes lives forever. The least we can do, is participate in the movement to help keep our environment cleaner and safer.
L’CHAIM proudly presents this special environmentally safe boxed wine series called ‘to life’ selected and handcrafted exclusively for wine enthusiasts. No compromises were made to satisfy your senses, delight in the remarkable tones, enjoy the blissful aromas and savor the extraordinary rich flavor and taste you expect from L’CHAIM. to life