L'Chaim wine

Our love affair with L’CHAIM branded wines begins with a master winemaker who evaluates and supervises the planting of the vineyard where the soil must be enriched and nurtured with basalt and terra rosa. The vineyard must be located in a topographically strategic area in which to take advantage of ideal climate conditions. Even the harvesting and transportation processes are thought through carefully so that the grapes are picked with great care at first dawn to keep the clusters cool. Needless to say, we are committed to quality and pay attention to every detail of the process, which we consider an art. This old-world approach to fine wine making is time consuming but worthy of its heritage and why we selected the finest wine makers to care for and produce our first in class wines.
L’CHAIM proudly presents this special series called ‘To Life’ selected and handcrafted exclusively for wine enthusiasts. Satisfy your senses, delight in the remarkable tones, enjoy the blissful aromas and savor the extraordinary rich flavor and taste you expect form L’CHAIM.
Made with extreme care and attention in small batches by passionate people. We invite you to share your thoughts with us.
Fill your glasses and celebrate, L’CHAIM!