L’CHAIM is an authentic, handcrafted tequila worthy of the legend and lore, romance and passion of this most ancient of all spirits. A naturally kosher and pure tequila created exclusively for the most discerning consumer delivering exceptionally smooth and flavorful enjoyment.. Our tequila is handmade every step of the way by passionate people and is only available in limited batches. Because we respect the secrets and mysteries and cultivation of the agave., we decided to remain true to a small “casa tequilera”. We are committed to quality – not quantity and we pay attention to every detail in our process, which we consider an art.

This old-world approach to the preparation of fine tequila is time consuming but worthy of its heritage L’CHAIM tequilas are harvested from fully mature Blue Agave plants and all-natural, carefully selected ingredients. The hand-picked mature agave piñas are patiently steamed in temperature and pressure controlled ovens. We slow-cook them in stone ovens. Once the piñas are steamed, they are passed through a mill that will extract the sweet juice to be used for the fementation process. After fermentation is completed, a slow distillation process is started to collect the delicate flavors and aromas. The tequila is carefully aged and prepared for bottling. Finally, as a demonstration of our pride and assurance that these are indeed the finest tequilas, a tasting panel ensures every batch passes a rigorous test certifying that the taste, aroma and essence is superior in every way. Savor L’CHAIM Tequila..