L’CHAIM Kosher Wine & Spirts
Celebrate Life….L’CHAIM is a message of unity and inclusiveness. The theme to life is a compelling concept. L’CHAIM brings together all people from everywhere regardless of social, political, cultural, economic or religious backgrounds. L’CHAIM represents the spirit of America, past and future. Our history, through world-class blending and distilling expertise and our future, through our new product offerings bring people together from all places. Our sourcing experts have researched the highest quality, best tasting ingredients and most forward thinking base of suppliers around the world to launch this phenomena.

Purer, Smoother, Premium, Kosher and Gluten Free…
We started with L’CHAIM kosher vodka; designed to be savored by spirit connoisseurs and everyday drinkers alike.
It is micro-distilled, made of organic corn, gluten free GF and certified OU kosher. We recognize that this time-honored method of ensuring purity and cleanliness requires more effort than ordinary wine and spirits. It takes more time and energy and costs a little bit more, but it’s well worth it. Read more about our vodka, wine and other products.

Beyond the obvious…..
It happens countless times each week – a customer receives a drink from one of our many on premise account mixologists
but each interaction is unique. it’s just a moment in time – just one hand reaching over the counter to present a drink glass to another outstretched hand. But it’s a connection. We make sure everything we do honors that connection – from our commitment to be the highest quality, purest and kosher vodka in the world, to the way we engage with our customers and communities. From our beginnings as a tiny single office with one desk and three guys relentlessly researching and developing the best tasting vodka, to being asked for and offered at thousands of bars, clubs and stores. In every place that we’ve been and every place that we’ve touched, we’ve tried to make it a little better than we found it.

We have always believed L’CHAIM can and should have a positive impact on the communities it serves. one person, one glass and one experience at a time. This requires the attention and willingness of many of our supplier/partners and hundreds of individuals. Our vision that together we will involve our partners, customers and suppliers to use our project for good, works. Thank you for raising the bar. Reach out for us to innovate, lead and contribute to an all inclusive society and to a healthy environment so that everyone we touch can endure and thrive. We want to hear from you.

Read more about our products and check us out on Facebook and our Events Page to find out what we are doing next. We hope to see you at our next tasting or sponsored event. Find L’CHAIM Kosher Vodka at the finest retailers, restaurants and clubs in Florida and New York. Just click on the Find Us tab and get a complete listing and directions.

Plans to expand nationwide are in work. If you are interested in participating please contact us: info@lchaimkoshervodka.com
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