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Our love affair with Italian made kosher wine starts with the master winemaker who supervises the planting of the vineyard in the upper most region of Verona Italy where the soil is naturally enriched with inherent nutrients. Plowing on the bias is not the most cost efficient way to plant the fields, but we are more concerned with growing a better quality product. The topography is ideal and climate conditions are perfect for producing the juiciest, best tasting grapes. During the early and late harvesting periods the process is supervised every step of the way by our family and also the Orthodox Union. OU-P certifies that this product is kosher for Passover. It is the highest award granted by the most respected agency supervising and employing the strictest quality controls and kosher requisites in the world.

Kosher certification ensures a quality, cleanlier, healthier, natural and better tasting product. This old world approach is time consuming and costs a little more but worth the wait and price.

L’CHAIM proudly presents this special series of fine wine, handcrafted in Italy called ‘to life’. Satisfy your senses, delight in the remarkable tones, enjoy the blissful aromas and most of all, savor the extraordinary flavors and taste you expect from L’CHAIM Kosher wines.
Made with extreme care and attention from small batches by passionate people. This product is kosher …even if you’re not! Fill your glasses and celebrate…’to life!’

Made with extreme care and attention in small batches by passionate people. We invite you to share your thoughts with us
Fill your glasses and celebrate, L’CHAIM!

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