Ralph Mizraji CEO of GFC the holding company that owns the L’CHAIM brands and the to life wine box announced today that as of December 15 you will begin to see Publix stores in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina begin to set their shelves with the to life wine box. 

Publix supermarkets announced store sets in June however due to an over inventory position they delayed bringing in new items until this month. Mizraji says “we will probably see less than 750 stores and more than 500 stores in Florida and another hundred or 200 between the rest of the states will carry the to life wine box”. 

We missed a few important windows of opportunity especially OND but will squeak out the last week of December sales then roll right into first-quarter in time for Jewish holidays like Purim and of course Passover.

There are no lack of holiday opportunities within the Jewish calendar – there is one practically every month and of course every Friday night Saturday for Shabbat, not to mention celebrations like bar and bat mitzvahs, engagements, weddings etc but our goal has always been to reach a broad market with a first in class package so it can compete aggressively within its set the ‘day after The holiday’.

Mizraji reports sales are trending at Walmart, whole foods, fresh market among other regional chains throughout the country including states outside of the primary footprint. 

We all expected success in Florida California New York New Jersey but the to life wine box is selling surprisingly well in Nebraska, Wisconsin, Ohio and other states indicates that the well thought through proposition is working. Still early but the numbers look good.